Eternity in a new Immortal Body? I’ll reserve a Heaven-suit!

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs

A man died suddenly and He found himself transported to a place of unnatural beauty. The streets were made of liquid gold, precious stones were everywhere, a wonderful river ran right down the center. However as he followed the person giving him the guided tour for new members he saw people he did not expect to see. That one he knew had done some awful things, and another over there had had the temper of an exploding volcano. The further he moved the worse it got, and his mouth began to open, if this was Heaven he was amazed at the injustice. How could all of these horrible and sinful people have been allowed into heaven? It didn’t make one lick of sense and as they came to a stop he asked his guide.

“I know most of these people and they shouldn’t be here they’ve done horrible things. And why are they staring at me with their mouths hanging open?”

The man turned to him and smiled.

“You got here by the same way all of these people did, and believe me they’re just as shocked that you made it here too.”

When you come to Jesus he make you a new creation, he begins to regenerate your spirit in accordance with His. However we still have the opportunity to sin, in fact we will sin often in our lives once we have accepted Christ as our savior. It is not because we want to because it runs against our newly regenerating nature but it is because sin is born into us.

In the end when we get to heaven I’ll bet we’ll be stunned by those we know that we find there, I’d imagine we’ll wonder how did he get here, who did that one have to con. The truth is no one conned anyone, and everyone got to Heaven the exact same way, the only way.

By accepting Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross, accepting His gift of Grace by Faith, you have gained eternal life. In fact I’m living eternal life right now. If/When I die my Spirit/Soul will go straight to the Lord in Heaven where it will be clothed in light until I get my Resurrection body when the Lord comes for His church. (1 Thess. 4)

Our body is like a suit for our soul; on earth we wear a suitable suit, called an earth suit. It’s designed to house my soul until it falls apart. It returns to the earth, breaks down and is no longer a body.

When astronauts go to outer space they have to wear a space suit to protect their earth suits from the dangers of space. Space suits enable us to visit the heavens for a short period of time, they give us safety, but they are a clumsy preview of our final suit.

I call my final suit a Heaven Suit, because it’s designed specifically for life in the Heavens. It’s eternal, it’s perfect, and we get a preview of it in Jesus Resurrection body. I can’t wait to move into my Heaven Suit that great Rapture Day, because of its perfect creation from that day forth I will live in perfection in a place of perfection and eventually in a new universe of perfection for eternity.

Don’t put off the decision to accept God’s gift, if you wait too long, it will eventually be too late. And believe me when I say you don’t want your Heaven Suit to be a Hell Suit.

In Christ,



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