Project 3:16 continues in Leviticus

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Christian Beliefs, Project 3:16, Writing

Leviticus 3:16 And the priest shall burn them on the altar, bread of the fire offering for a sweet savor. All the fat is Jehovah’s.

Leviticus is all about the multitude of rules the Israelites had to follow the number is somewhere around 612. The good news for Gentiles, (those of us who aren’t Israelites), is that all of these rules don’t apply to us. In fact when Jesus came to the earth he taught that all of these nitpicky rules weren’t important. What was important was that they simply followed His teachings because He was the only way to The Father.

Here in Leviticus it is saying that the fat of the animal being offered was supposed to be burnt as a burnt offering to The Lord. Such an offering would create a sweet aroma for the Lord.

In the New Testament Jesus Christ becomes the sacrificial offering to cover for all the sins of everyone that has ever lived. In turn He asks us to accept the free gift of his perfection to cover us from our sins.

When a person accepts God into his life, the Holy Spirit enters into that person and engages our Spirit in praise. The Spirit that is in us can in the end transform us deeply enabling Christ to work through us, if we choose to let Him.

It is easy to accept Christ but it is much more difficult to grow in Him and have him grow in us. The problem is we like ourselves the way we are, we like who we’ve become and we think we’re pretty danged awesome. How can we possibly be improved upon? Aren’t we the best we can be?


Blunt perhaps but sometimes it’s silly to tiptoe around the truth. The fact of the matter is that we are in constant need of pruning, trimming and reshaping by The Holy Spirit. Seriously shouldn’t the Creator of the Universe, not to mention YOUR creator know exactly how to improve you and make you better?

He certainly should, God wants to take you and trim off the fat. Pride keeps coming back, anger, standoffishness, vulgarity, bullying.

Let him keep you in check, after all the fat belongs to The Lord.

In Christ,



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