The Con is On…

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Christian Beliefs, The Bible

Many of you who are reading this are in fact dead. That’s right dead. If that’s a little hard to wrap your head around I understand because I haven’t placed things in context. So I’m relate to you a paraphrase of some of the earliest goings on in the history of Man. These stories and be found in the first three chapters of the Bible’s first book called Genesis (which means beginning.)

First of all God who’s always existed made everything. It doesn’t matter how long it took or how expansive the days were, he created everything “the heavens and the earth” out of nothing. The planet was fertile and perfect, a wonderful place to live. God also made a special garden called Eden; it is there that he created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. They had a great relationship. You see each person is made up of three parts. First you have a body, this is what you see in the mirror every day, and it’s how the world sees you. Then we also received a soul; this is the inner part that gives us life. And finally we’re the only creation to receive a Spirit; this Spirit is part of The Holy Spirit. This is the single most important part of our being because it is what makes each and every one of us “in God’s image.”

Adam and Eve had a walking, talking and close relationship with God in the garden. They worshiped God not only because he was their creator and they could see Him but because their Spirits longed to worship and commune with His Spirit. (That is why even today we are told to worship the Lord “in Spirit and in truth.”) This relationship was wonderful all they had to do to maintain this relationship was live with one rule, “No eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

It is here where Satan comes in, because of his pride, his need to be worshipped above God in Heaven. He’s lost everything and been sent to earth, and as Satan watches this happy relationship he begins to formulate a plan. A con really, he’s going to play God’s most personal creation against the Lord of all.

In Eden he uses a wily serpent, hang out in that forbidden tree, and waits for just the right time.

“Has God said that you shouldn’t eat from this tree?”

And Eve responded: “We can eat from all of the trees of the garden, except for this one that you and I are admiring. He has warned us not to eat from it or even touch it, for when we do we’ll die.”

The serpent slyly responded: “Die? No you shall not die. Far from it, God wants you to leave this tree alone because the very moment you eat from it you’ll see how God sees. You’ll be on the same level as Him knowing good and evil.”

At this point the Serpent said nothing more because he’s planted the seed of pride, and want, and they both spring quickly. Sure enough Eve reacts quickly, plucks a fruit from the tree and takes a bite, she hands it to Adam who’s right there with her and he takes a bite too. Right then they both die and begin to die. First their Spiritual connection to God is cut off; their Spirits no longer worship with God’s Spirit. A connection meant to be eternal is ended. At the same time their life, which was also planned to be eternal, is no longer as such.

They see that they’re naked and hide from God, which is of course impossible, but when you’ve broken a rule you don’t want to get caught.

God knows exactly where we are, he knew exactly where they were, and they had a conversation about consequences. They were tough, but they were fair, because God is fair. Here is the key thing though that makes this Con so devastating; every person ever born would be born with a Spirit inclined towards Sin instead of it being turned to God.

Since the Fall of mankind, our hearts have been aligned with Satan. Satan the ultimate con artist has insinuated himself into the place of adoration that’s supposed to be reserved for God. And because of that, because our hearts have been warped to accept evil, our eternal destiny is not Heaven but Hell.

In fact…

Wait back that up you say, you’re saying that I’m no longer a child of God but a child of Satan?

You’re saying that I’m destined for Hell?

You’re saying my original ancestors were boneheads?

Yes on all counts. In fact as I was about to say, we’re no better than them either.

Satan has made everything that’s wrong to do in God’s eyes what’s right to do in ours. Since we’re born as his children we don’t think twice about doing things that range from a little wrong to absurdly wrong. He sugar coats even the vilest of practices, fills us up with poison, and tells us it’s all good. He makes everything in life that is a sin seem to be a joy.

Satan is running the ultimate con, he never stopped, and he never will stop. He wants us to enjoy life and he cultivates the idea that it’s all about us and whatever we want to do is absolutely fine by him. He wants to steal as many of us away from the Lord as he can and he’ll do anything to accomplish that goal. And somehow even though we KNOW how the whole thing ends, people willingly jump on Satan’s bandwagon.

The reason is this; we are in love with ourselves instead of the one who created us.

It’s all about Me instead of being it’s all about He.

He who created everything, He who sent his only son to die on the cross over 2,000 years ago, to cover all of our sins with his spilled blood.

That’s right there is a way back to a forever relationship with our creator, in fact our Spirit still points us towards Him even in it nearly destroyed state. If you push away that still small voice and harden your heart against it then eventually it will be too late, he will never be able to reach you. At the end of your life you’ll be in Hell instead of Heaven.

They’re both forever destinations Heaven and Hell, but Hell was designed for “the Devil and his Angels” and you don’t want to partake in that punishment.

In fact all that God wants is to have you back, He wants you to have eternal life right now in the present. So that you can die in peace when the time comes KNOWING that your soul and spirit have gone to be with The Lord in Heaven.

Go get a Bible right now; new ones are not that expensive, Goodwill and Salvation Army discount stores have them weekly for a dollar. There’s no excuse to not know the outcome of this rebellion, and knowing the end of the story makes the choice clearer.

Don’t be conned, God created us with a brain to figure things out. He gave us the ability to reason, He gave us the freedom of choice.

You either choose to take a bite of the fruit and take part in the con, or you see through the con and you turn to the Lamb of God who was slain for your sins.

Don’t make the same mistake that your ancestors did just after time began, swallow self and come back to God on your knees asking for redemption. He doesn’t want to loose any humans to Hell; we were designed to praise Him to have a forever relationship with our Creator.

Don’t let the Con Artist steal your life from The Creator God.

In Christ,



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