If Satan and His Demons Were Obvious

Posted: April 1, 2010 in Christian Beliefs

Everyone gave the lunatic a wide berth; of course the term lunatic did not fit the man, more like unfortunate soul. You see he was wearing one of those Orange t-shirts with the words Under Demonic Attack in large black capital letters. He hadn’t even made it to his car, which was graced with a similar bumper sticker, because Satan was obvious.

The Cop was on his beat late at night and he could see the hookers hiding in the darkness. Not because the hookers themselves were wearing bright clothing, they were dressed to attack and ruin peoples lives as usual. He could see the Hookers through his special dark glasses that opened the full aspect of the Spiritual Dimension to him. Standing alongside nearly all of the hookers were demons of Lust, Envy, Sexuality. These glasses had come from Wal-Mart, he didn’t want to put his Police issue glasses to use, all this because Satan and his Demons were being obvious.

Church attendance had gone through the roof; people around the world were feeling something was going wrong. Small churches turned into medium churches, medium to large and large to absurd, all because Satan and his Demons were being obvious.

Satan was using even that to his own advantage and he didn’t have to worry about covering it up. People were just going to church, they’d dress up, go on Saturday or Sunday, give lip service to God. These people claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit, yet they hold themselves under The Law, the Ten Commandments, instead of the New Testament Christian who is freed by God’s Grace through Faith. These truly saved are those who have the new law in their heart right alongside the Holy Spirit.

These other pseudo-Christians whether they’re new churchgoers or not have all been conned, either because of tradition or a church is church attitude. They’re so assured of their being safe and right that they missed the signs, not just the old non-visible ones but also the ones outside. The ones that say “Still under the Law.” “We believe we’re Israel.” “We are the Remnant Church.” “Under The Law not Grace.” “We Teach Legalism.” And yet the parking lots were all full, even though Satan and his Demons were being obvious.

There were so many places around the world where Satan had chosen to be obvious. He wasn’t required to; perhaps he simply thought it would be fun. The Demons were marching in Demonstrations they were welcoming young mothers to Abortion Clinics, because any dead child is one less that God can’t have. They were in government’s local, state and country, weaving their ideas of deceit and danger that will bring anger and pain.

This was happening all around the world and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for these people who were so blinded when Satan and his Demons were being so obvious.

Back to reality…Satan and his Demons, the fallen Angels are doing everything I’ve described above. Every moment of every day they are weaving a false sense of security, an all about me mentality, a follow the crowd fellowship. They’re stealing away as many of the people they can, young and old, right down to the fetus in the mother’s womb.

It will get worse.

Christ dealt a killer blow to Satan’s plans over 2,000 years ago for EVERYONE; we all have a way open to us for Eternity, to be with The Father. It’s an open casting call, everyone is welcome, all ages, ethnicities, and body types you name it. All you need to be is a sinner, and unfortunately we all qualify because Sin is our second nature.

All we have to do is turn to God and admit that we’re sinners, accept his gift of Grace and have Faith that Christ’s sacrifice covers each and every one of us.

If you don’t there will come a time when Christ will come and snatch his believers away to take them to His Fathers house. And you’ll miss the boat and if you’re not careful, if you don’t trust yourself into the hands of God you will be conned. Because during those seven years Satan and his Demons will become more and more overt, more and more obvious. The Bible says that multitudes will be saved…but many many more will be lost, and a great many will die.

Don’t fall for it now, we aren’t supposed to be fallen, we were conned in the Garden of Eden and we rebelled against Christ. It’s time to rebel against Satan, time to come back to God on our knees and ask for Him to take us back. And He will, because all he wants is a forever reunion.

In Christ,



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