I Can’t Get No Satisfaction…

Posted: March 30, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, Writing

There are many people in the world that can’t seem to find satisfaction. They might have the perfect face, the most awesome car, or a most prestigious job but they find that when they take the time to really settle down for more than five minuets they are not satisfied. Perhaps they tell themselves they’re going to give it some serious thought, and sure enough they actually appear to be taking the time to engage some pretty serious thought processes. Their eyes light up and they realize exactly what they need to do, they need to buy something. Something new. That will give them satisfaction for sure, I mean it works every three weeks or so.

There’s something seriously wrong with this picture, however it is the way that a vast majority of people deal with a low feeling of satisfaction. Buy this new pair of shoes, buy this new watch, buy this new phone, and buy this new laptop. It goes on and on and most of the spending is done with money that a good number of these people don’t even have. Most of it is done with the slide of one of on average 8 credit cards, is it any wonder that most everyone is in debt or debt consolidation. And I’d imagine that doesn’t bring much satisfaction either.

The big problem here is that people are trying to find satisfaction by changing their exterior, or the things they already have. They’re upgrading to the most awesome and the prettiest when in fact the problem is that they are only perpetuating a shallow surface satisfaction. The truth of the matter is that they all need to change what’s inside instead.

Now don’t take me to literally you can’t change your muscle, bones or viscera. Not only would it hurt but also it would probably get very messy. However you can change who’s in charge of your heart, and in tandem your thoughts and your life. You can find satisfaction that is deep and real, that doesn’t rely on superficial things.

You know I just realized that this could still both hurt and be very messy but I can also tell you that it will be worth it.

There are three steps on the road towards being satisfied and each one is difficult but necessary. It is best to tackle them one at a time and in order or you might feel overwhelmed and just give up. This would certainly please one individual who has insinuated his way into the very core of your being; it’s time for a transplant.

Step One: It’s NOT all about you/me.

Self is the heart of dissatisfaction. Self is also the seed of rebellion. Lucifer, who we now know as Satan was so full of himself, so selfish that he introduced the first sin, the sin of pride. And in the Garden of Eden he, through the serpent, and the skilled twisting of words of a used car salesman, conned Adam and Eve into the partaking of the fruit. All because we selfishly wanted to be like God, that was the fall, and humans have never been the same.

It’s just gotten worse, we’re all born since the fall with a disposition towards sin. We are all children of the one who now owns the world we live on, in case you haven’t figured it out yet that’s Satan.

However deep inside we were created in the Lords’ image. He put a little bit of His Spirit within us at birth and it shows itself as our Conscience.

This small voice is annoying and it gets in the way of all the fun, it’s all about Me. It’s all about you. And that outlook drives us further and further from redemption, and deeper and deeper into the clutches of Satan.

Jesus is patiently walking the road of life beside you, and the Spirit is inside you, and God is watching over you. And these three parts are working as one knocking at the door of your heart, there’s no handle it’s up to you to let him in.

Satan is sitting on the throne of your heart and he’s really really comfortable. He makes you focused on self, on status, on the me. Instead of He who can save you. Jesus is the only one who can truly satisfy. Open that door in your heart and let Jesus in the form of the Holy Spirit into your heart that way he can serve and eviction notice to Satan.

Step Two: Repent and let the Holy Spirit into your heart.

Jesus can only evict Satan from your heart if you give Jesus ALL of your cares, troubles, and worries. You need to Repent and repenting is truly difficult because to truly repent you have to not only realize that it’s not about you but you have to admit to your deepest darkest problems and failures. You have to become selfless instead of being selfish, you need to take off your burdens, all the stuff you tried to hide pack it all up and cast the lot of them at the foot of the Cross.

The Cross that over 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ was crucified upon to COMPLETELY DESTROY the sins of everyone forever. Even those sins that you’ll still commit once you commit yourselves to God they’ve all been take care of.

You’ve heard of the Ten Commandments perhaps? Well it’s a set of Ten Rules that God wrote down to show the people just how LITTLE they could do by themselves. They were designed to show us that without the Holy Spirit in our lives what we could do could not even come anywhere near to satisfying the requirements of salvation.

In other words it was a big flashing, gaudy neon sign stating: It’s NOT about YOU.

It is through Jesus death on the Cross and inviting Him back into our lives that we go from Rebel to Saint. We go from Hell to Heaven. From lost to found. From follower of Satan to Child of the Redeemer. From shallow satisfaction to sustained satisfaction. From self-centered to Christ centered.

You are saved by the Grace of God through your Faith in Christ’s death on the Cross.

The good news is this, as long as we commit to Christ, step two will be a continual process. If we don’t give up on Him He in turn will not give up on us.

And it is important to note that our sin nature will never be eradicated, we will still sin, but Jesus’ death will cover our sin.

Step Three: Accept Gods’ Grace and form a Long Lasting Relationship.

If you’ve made it to step three congratulations and God Bless you because this last stage is the trickiest. This last stage is the trickiest because Satan is realizing he’s loosing and he’s going to pull out all the stops and go full bore to drag you back. He’ll use any tactics it takes to pull you down with him back into the darkness, don’t let him. The Holy Spirit is in you now. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

First Satan will try and use The World and all of the worldly things to draw you back in. He appeals to beauty, he appeals to sexuality, he appeals to fun and he makes the case that it’s all about you/me. That to be happy we must have boozing friends, drive the nicest cars, buy the nicest watches and have the most fun possible. Live fast, have fun and die, that’s all there is.

However we know better because the Holy Spirit is filling the heart now, and we have a life of satisfaction and contentment. We know that it’s not about external riches, or anything external for that matter, but because of what is now in us that we are satisfied.

Then Satan will try and use things closer to home like family and friends. It says in the Bible that families will turn on each other because they no longer share the same beliefs. I’ve been through this and it is exceptionally painful. You want to share what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you. However they say you have been conned by Satan the master of lies, it’s you that is lost instead of found.

Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you.”

You have found the Kingdom and you will be rewarded.

The final and most insidious of tactics that Satan uses is actually his infiltration of organized religion.

In Revelation 2 vs. 9 Jesus says in warning: “I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich), and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not but are a synagogue of Satan…”.
This was addressed to the Church of Smyrna not 100 years after the death of Christ and already there were false religions out there, and it’s only gotten worse. But I want to break down the verse so you understand it fully.

“I know your tribulation and your poverty (but you are rich)…”

Here the Lord is saying I know the trouble you are going through, and that you’re struggling financially. But you are rich where it really counts, in Heaven and in Christ.

“…and the blasphemy by those who say they are Jews and are not but are a synagogue of Satan…”.
The blasphemy is that these New Testament churches are claiming to be Christian while still requiring the Christian to follow the Written Law.

Whereas in Romans 2:29 it states the New Testament Christian is: “But he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that which is of the heart, by the Spirit and not by the letter; and his praise is not from men, but from God.”

These Synagogues of Satan also teach heresy, and this heresy comes in two parts.

On the one hand they teach a false doctrine of Christ and/or combine with that a mixing of law and grace.

So they either they confuse the populace about the true nature of the Lord by saying, yeah He was a good man, but He was not born of a virgin, He was not the Son of God, and he did not live a sinless life. He didn’t die a sacrificial death for us, nor did he rise from the grave, or ascend to Heaven or promise to return for us some day.

Or they add to Salvation, which the bible says is “by Grace through Faith”, saying that besides believing in God you should also keep the Sabbath, observe certain rites of passage or ceremonies or not eat certain kinds of food.
These Synagogues of Satan are everywhere, they could meet in any church building, and they could sucker you in but for one thing.

Grace through Faith has saved you; the Holy Spirit is living in you. As you read the Word of God each day and pray to Him who’s always available to you he will fill you up so you’ll know right from wrong.
Step Three is an ongoing process also as long as you Go to Him He will always lead you in right way. He will lead you in the Word, He will lead you in life, and he will lead you to find a Church that is real and true.

The title of this post is wrong, you CAN get Satisfaction. You just have to have a transplant in order to get it; you have to transplant Me for He. It’s a lifelong operation but you’ll end up with an eternity in Heaven to enjoy the rewards.

In Christ,



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