The First Time I Experienced the Spiritual World

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Christian Beliefs, From Adventism to Christ

Eph 6:12 This is not a wrestling match against a human opponent. We are wrestling with rulers, authorities, the powers who govern this world of darkness, and spiritual forces that control evil in the heavenly world.

There is a Physical World, the one that we experience every day. Where we eat bad fast food, breathe in smog and stub our toe in the doorjamb. It’s the same world we us gentlemen often put off taking showers for days at a time, but that’s for another object lesson. It’s the world where we rush back and forth from work, school and or play, where we go to the theater or the cinema. Where we love our friends, family, and children and generally live our lives denying that there is a Spiritual World.

There is in fact a Spiritual World, and it marches along right beside this one, the most accurate term for it would be another dimension. Science has found evidence of more than the dimensions that make up the Physical World. Evidences of dimensions that run parallel and concurrently to our own, and since Christians believe God created everything he’d certainly have no problem doing it.

This Spiritual World is full of Fallen Angels, or Demons if you prefer, ruled over by Satan who used to be called Lucifer. Lucifer was one of the most high and exalted Angels in all of Heaven, until he developed Pride and felt he should be worshipped above God. There will be a conclusion to the war in Heaven and when he that happens you really don’t want to be around. That said Satan and his Angels and Demons and other dark spiritual things are on this earth right now. The Spiritual World is also full of Heavenly Angels; in fact it is my personal belief that each person on this earth has one of their very own. As you can imagine these two sides don’t get along very well.

On very rare occasions, times of severe stress or near death, people have experienced glimpses by which I mean very real experiences with all the senses intact moments inside the Spiritual World. What I am about to reveal to you is a very detailed account of my first glimpse into the Spiritual World.

It was in 85-86 when it happened, we were living in Loma Linda California at the time, and it was the summer.

The night was hot but I was still reading from my Bible that night, I was reading the 23rd Psalm. Even when I was young I found this passage to be a great comfort to me. As I was reading the room seemed to be swallowed up by darkness, it wasn’t simply that the light was sucked out but I could feel the darkness fill the room. It had a weight. I set my open Bible down because I could no longer hold it up, I was lying in bed propped up on my elbows. I remember feeling that I wished it would get pitch black, I was very afraid of what I would see.

The smell hit next, it was the smell of fire, and it was the smell of burning. Glancing down the hall out of the open bedroom door I saw the light turn reddish orange, and it flickered. I could not move, it was all I could do to remain propped on my elbows; I felt certain that if I laid back I would never sit up again. And then I saw the ground open up, that shadow of it opening played in the flickering light of the hall. It was jagged and misshapen, as if a fissure had opened up to Hell. As I watched something came out of the fissure, its shadow was huge, distorted, and vaguely humanoid.

I had begun to sweat by now, and a new smell had joined the others it was a mixture of sulphur and burned flesh. Sparks came from the hall, I remember being afraid that the carpet would catch on fire, that was when I noticed that the carpet had been replaced by irregular hard rocks.

The shadow moved towards me down the hall, this thing seemed like it was going to be huge, and as it came the bedroom was filled with the sounds of fire. It was like a roar, and the air got incredibly thick and hot. It was then that I realized that if things got much worse I would loose the battle of staying up on my elbows; I had to fight for each and every breath I took. I suppose looking back at this I’d say it was like being in a pressure cooker at high altitude.

The owner of the shadow entered the room, he was smaller than I had supposed, but his menace was much bigger. He had eyes like embers and sparks grated as his teeth clacked together in anticipation. His feet left little pools of fire which slowly went out, and that’s when I couldn’t stay up on my elbows anymore. My energy gone I slumped backwards onto my pillow, looking up at the ceiling, at the rocky cavern cut across by cracks traced with fire.

I felt the bunk bed shake as the creature climbed the ladder at the foot of the bed, lifting my head I watched as it came over the top and sat there looking at me quizzically. Beside it my Bible caught on fire but it didn’t burn up, it was as if the flames simply illuminated what I needed to see.

The creature smiled then and began to crawl up the bed, the higher it got the harder it was for me to breath, as if it needed to be any harder. The creature sat on my chest, and all the air left, what I managed to draw back in was feeble and hot and not at all helpful. Reaching its hands around my throat the creature began to squeeze, and I slowly managed to bring my hands up to try and pry it’s grip from my throat. It laughed and then it spoke to me without actually speaking.

“You cannot save yourself and nothing can save you.”

I can remember trying to pry his burning fingers off my throat and thinking to myself.

“No, no NO! I’m a Pastor’s Kid this can’t happen to me, I won’t let this happen to me!”

Even as I said that my strength went away, and I watched my hands fall to my side, and I didn’t know what to do. The creature was enjoying itself, I was so weak and my throat being strangled, it knew I couldn’t call out. So I closed my eyes I couldn’t bare its leering face anymore.

The air was thick, so very thick, and the whole place was just filled with despair.

But then I suddenly felt a calm, a peace, as if a light of hope had burned its way right through to Hell. It was then that I knew I had not been abandoned, I knew that there was a way to survive this. That someone could save me.

There was no sound, the colors through my eyelids had frozen it was almost as if Hell were holding its breath.

Knowing that I could not speak I began to think the 23rd Psalm, and as I did the pure white light became stronger, I felt more peace.

The creature squeezed faster and harder, I could feel its desperation, and I could sense that it knew it was fighting a loosing battle now. But it felt as if my throat were about to collapse, like his fingers were going to crush my windpipe, it was all I could do to keep thinking Psalm 23.

I recited it over and over in my head, and at some point the smells stopped, or I should say changed from the burning, sulphur meat to orange blossoms, and the smells of the ocean. The colors through my closed eyes were still red, orange and yellow, but I felt the pressure around my neck cease. And I drew in a very long and ragged and blessedly easy breath.

Through my closed lids I saw the white explode into fullness, and I felt an overwhelming peace fill the air, and course through me, into me. And then a calm and very assured voice said very simply.

“This is a child of mine and you shall not have him.”

I opened my eyes and it was far too bright for me to make out if there was an Angel in the room, or perhaps God himself. But the pure light chased Hell from the room, the fissures and fire was gone, the creature was gone. And I saw the shadow of the fissure in the hall seal itself back up.

The light remained, the overwhelming peace the unrestrained love that came with that peace filled me and drove the fear far away. I knew that I was safe. I knew that I was saved.


Sometimes, as I learned from that and (a few other experiences I will share with you in the future) even those of us who believe in God and his gift of Salvation need to see his saving grace. Perhaps my faith in Him was not as strong as it could have been at the time of the above events, the Lord knows just when to show you what you need to see.

Everything in life, especially the hard times, is designed to make you into a better person. They are to increase your belief, to make you stronger, and in the end to face the great irony of Christianity.

You are strongest in your Christian walk when you let Christ be the leader of your life. When you realize that it’s not about you, it’s about letting your Father and God work through you to change the lives of others. That is when you feel your best, that is when you have begun to mature in Christ, when you are doing your utmost for Him.

In Christ,



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