The Truth About the Big Scary Dog

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs, The Bible, Writing

I was walking back to Adobe House (the guest house I’m staying in at the moment) from my sisters. She lives on the other side of the city, and it’s around a four or five mile walk to get from one place to the other. I love walking; my new walking shoes with built in gel insoles make it all the more enjoyable. I’m almost glad I don’t at this time have a vehicle. This walk happens at night, and right now those nights are quite mild.

On this night I cut through on Cimarron, it saves a bit of time, and I meet up with Highland Avenue at the top and hang a left. Walking up the sidewalk I noticed in front of me a large, dark shape dart up the walk and round the corner. I had a feeling it was a dog. Personally I like dogs that I know, dogs behind fences and in daylight are good too because I can tell their state of mind. Large dogs, outside of fences and at night on top of that not so much.

I could’ve turned and gone back down the road hung a right and continued under the overpass and taken the next street on the right…and hit Highland. However I simply wanted to get home, if I had to confront the dog I would. Perhaps it had already bugged out and headed along Highland…to the right.

When I rounded the corner I was tense, afraid, knew it would jump on me and tear me to shreds. Instead it waited until I had almost calmed myself down before it shot out of the shadows, began a low rumbling growl and assaulted me with barks. I did two things wrong, I flinched and I turned my back, certainly it would pounce on me now. The barking reached a crescendo, and then the owner yelled out from behind the fence, and the fear passed.

Last night I walked up Cimarron, I was listening to Strong Tower by Kutless on my CD player. It’s a cheap one the can skip at the slightest provocation but it only cost me 13 bucks. Looking ahead I saw no sign of the big dog but I had the distinct feeling that he was out and about. However tonight there was a difference, I was not afraid, I was calm.

Even so I fired up a short prayer to God: “Please let there be no dog.”

When I rounded the corner this time he wasn’t there to greet me, but I saw that the garage was open so I assumed that he was out somewhere. Yet I remained calm, I wasn’t sweating, or nervous I had confidence in my safety. Coming around the front end of the white pickup I glanced to the left and caught a good look at the Big Scary Dog. He was a beautiful, brown haired Pitty (Pitbull), and he looked up at me and sidled over.

We both took each other in; he was thinking is this the same scared, tense guy as three nights ago. And I was thinking well I sure blew it last time didn’t I. However this dog was all about second chances, I stopped as he sniffed my hand and I looked him in the eye. My fingers flinched, but instead of scaring him it encouraged him to lick them instead. Finally once he was satisfied he simply turned and went back to watching his owner standing in the garage facing away from us.
There’s a lesson to be learned here, so let me lay it out.

In our hearts and in our inner lives sometimes we see something in the shadows. Perhaps we’ve done wrong things in life, we’re all sinners, and we’d be lying if we said otherwise. We want to approach this something, our conscience, or perhaps it’s God we’ll grudgingly admit. Yet we’re frightened. We think all he’ll do is yell at us, get really mad and throw a whole bunch of boring rules and regulations at us.

We don’t want that, we want to set out own rules. It’s all about US and having fun in this life because there’s not anything else beyond it. He’ll just get in the way and ruin things.

However the truth of the matter is different. He hates the messes that we’ve made of our lives, the endless sins committed day after day. We never seem to learn. In reality though if we calmly approach God, if we willingly hold out our sinful hands to him He in turn will check us out. He’ll remind us that He hates the sins, but loves the sinner. In fact He’ll remind us that he hates the sins so much, because they required the death of His only Son to take our sins upon him.

He’ll also remind us that if we accept that gift, He- God the Creator of the Universe, will see us as if we were sinless. We will be adopted back into his family by the ultimate gift of Grace, and because of that Grace we will have something else beyond this life.


So don’t let the fact that God’s really big- confuse you into thinking He’s out to get you. He’s out to show you Eternal Grace and Love…oh yeah and don’t forget God is Dog spelled backwards…both are totally mans best friends.

In Christ,



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