Blessings at Adobe House

Posted: February 16, 2010 in Blessings, Christian Beliefs

For those of you that don’t know there’s been to be frank an awfully long spell of bad running through my life. However what the Devil has been attempting to use for bad God has used instead for unspeakable goodness. Sometimes however there’s goodness that is so good that it makes you so thankfull that you unfortunately forget to thank those who are helping you out.

Such is the case and point with the Christian Brother and Sister who are letting me stay in Adobe House Larry and Donna-Lynn.

Through the grace of God we met at The Packing House in Redlands the morning of what would be my first day sleeping back on the street on Feb 1. God convinced me to attend early church which I never do, and since then God has blessed beyond any reasonable expectations.

When I first me them I was exceptionally tired but as I shook their hand I think I said simply: “My name is Ross and I’m homeless.”

After the service they offered to buy me a meal. Which I graciously accepted.

Then to stay in a guest house for a the moment.

Then later that day when I was fading in and out of sleep Larry brought in some food items.

A blessed allowance for two weeks.

A Meal out along with Gregory.

The use of Gregory’s desktop computer.

A care box of food.

New walking shoes, replacement blades for my shaver and bodywash and deodorant.

All things which I was exceptionally blessed by and which I do not deserve.

All things that I was so overwhelmed by I forgot to say Thank You.


It’s this selfless kind of Love that shows true Christian Love.

It also reminds me that as Christians we have the ultimate gift through God via Christ Jesus. We are so undeserving of this gift that it’s not even funny. We have done nothing to be worthy of Jesus death and through him the gift of Eternal life through His grace.

How easy it is for us to accept blessing and not say Thank You.

Always take the time to thanks those who help you in life.

And do not neglect to thank Jesus Christ for his most perfect gift.

Through Thanking others like Larry and Donna-Lynn, and thanking your Lord, you not only grow happy and more content, but you grow spiritually and your capacity to bless and help others grows as well.

I have been so greatly blessed that I was too awed to say thanks, but there are no excuses, so Thank You Larry and Donna-Lynn and Thank you God and Savior.

May we all be blessed as we bless others.

In Christ,



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