Happy Birthday to OUR Lord and Savior!

Posted: December 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Since it is Christmas I wrote a Christmas poem.

Since I know you’re watching Lord…we praise your birth.

Jesus Christ Was Born

While the cold winds swept the mountains,
And the people of earth slept.
While the Angels sang their chorus,
A Mother and Father wept.

Through the darkened streets of Bethlehem,
To the lost the, the cold and lonely.
While the shepherds gathered up their flocks,
Was born the one and only.

This was the one who himself would bring,
Peace on Earth and goodwill to all men.
And while in the darkness they visited the child,
He, even then, began to fulfill the role He was given.

And lest we forget that on that night,
When the lowly cared and Angels took flight.
That we trust him by Faith and not by sight.
For through Him all things are made right.

He grew up from Child, to Son of Man,
And healed the sick with the palm of his hand.
He taught of the Kingdom, and His Father, Our God.
Those that he saved followed wherever he trod.

He was sent as a Son and to be sacrificed,
A gift from God to Us, for our sins crucified.
Through all the sins of this life he remained perfected,
And after three days, he went from dead to resurrected.

He rose up to Heaven, sits at God’s right hand.
And we as his disciples, take his word across the land.
Now may we all remember at this chilly time of year,
The original Christmas present and how He spreads His cheer.

He is the ultimate gift, and lives forever and ever,
He has covered all our sins; as if they were never.
He is Emmanuel; He is the King of Kings.
His name is Jesus Christ, He salvation brings.

Sins as white as fallen snow.
Since on that first Christmas morn.
The Angels let the whole world know.
That Jesus Christ was born.

Ross Cooper


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