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My latest Poem: Falls the Snow

Posted: November 21, 2009 in Poetry, Writing

Falls The Snow

Snow flakes,
Through the sky.

In their complexity.

Carpets of cold.

Through the blustery winds,
Darkness now descends.

Headlamp carves the frenzied flurries.
Footsteps filled to the size of bread crumbs.
Familiar forests take on anonymity.

Evergreens embraced,
By feet of frosted fancy.

There is a rustle in the snow,
And a warning growl so low.

Sent by Jadis, Comes Feneric,
Stalking through the drift.

Child of Adam awaken.
This voyage that you’ve taken.
Is all imagination.

Falls the snow.

Ross Cooper November 15, 2009


You know I’ll be honest some guys don’t have a brilliant sense of direction. Some dudes certainly can’t read a map, and some dudes turn the map in circles as if it’s a steering wheel. (Some ladies do this too).

Driving, especially in another country can lead to really confusing directions…and of course loosing ones way.

The same can be said of writing, any kind of writing, but specifically tonight Christian Fiction.

It can become so easy to loose ones way even within ones story, this can in turn lead to stagnation and furthermore frustration.

Well tonight I’m here to tell you that you don’t need directions you just need to go here.