Watering down Bible Truths

Posted: October 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

I’ve watched two “Documentaries” as the Amazing Facts (an outreach of The Seventh Day Adventist Church) call them about truths in the Bible. One is called Cosmic Conflict: Origin of Evil and can be viewed here Origin of Evil and the other is called The Final Events of Bible Prophecy.

Origin teaches of Sin, Redemption through Christ, and a number of other things over it’s 40 plus minutes. It also promotes views not promoted by The Holy Bible, thus adding to the Bible words or ideas that aren’t needed. The Bible is an extremely powerful tool, it doesn’t need to be paired up with the teachings of the Adventist prophet Ellen G. White. Especially when many of her prophetic writings have been borrow from the works of others.

I encourage you to look up all the information you can find on Mrs. White. It will open your eyes and give you a lot to think about.

There is a great effort in Origin to bring the story to life however as impressive as some think it is it might turn people away from God rather than to His loving arms. Why is that?

It’s because that as impressive as it might be to some, it’ll be laughable to most. As laudable as the attempts in Origin might be, Heaven doesn’t look nearly as impressive as the City of God should. The acting is amatureish, and the battles in Heaven look like a bunch of Heavenly Jedi duking it out. The Bad Angels even have Red swords of light. Let’s latch onto the Star Wars Prequel crowd seemed to be the though of the day.

They might be under the impression that it’s exciting to todays youth, but I think they’ll find most youth laughing about it instead.

There is even backlash from Adventists against Origin.

The Final Events of Bible Prophecy which can be viewed below:

Is about the coming end times of world, and includes looks at the books of Daniel, Revelation, and a coupl of other books.

Unfortunately once again what might be seen as impressive work by the Amazing Facts crew looks exceedingly amatureish. The CGI of the destruction of the end times is laughable and the whole thing will probably drive more people away from God then To Him.

Why is this?

For plenty of reasons. But the most horrible reason is that the wrath of God during the Tribulation, (which I certainly plan to be Raptured before) is turned into a case of Bad acne, poor special effects of destruction, and not much else.

The Tribulation is going to be ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIC not some slight inconvenience. It’s going to be SEVEN YEARS of and angry GOD punishing those left on the earth. The TRIBULATION is not meant for his BRIDE- the CHURCH but for those who keep denying him. Those of THE WORLD. Those who’ve chosen the side of SATAN.

As I want to make totally clear through this blog: If you DON’T choose CHRIST you have ALREADY chosen SATAN.

Because he’s already taken His Bride…the Church…to Heaven.

“So that where I am there you may be also.”

When the Lord comes with his Saints (that could and SHOULD) be You and I. After the Tribulation and we came back to earth along with the NEW JERUSALEM we’ll be coming back from HEAVEN to EARTH.

Watering down the SEVERITY of not choosing CHRIST is suckering people into thinking that choosing SATAN isn’t going to be “that bad”.

Watering down the Gospel doesn’t save sinners it condems them.

The basic truth of the Gospel is this:

Christ died for YOU to save you from your sins. IF YOU choose CHRIST and his gift of EVERLASTING LIFE, then you escape being on SATAN’S team and facing ETERNAL PUNISHMENT in HELL.*

*The above is not watered down in any way, don’t throw away eternal life. Don’t burn for eternity.

And Christians please don’t water down the Gospel OR ANY of the Word of God.



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