From Never to Always.

Posted: October 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Something about this seems a little bit off.

Here’s a list of the activity of the
average American Church member.
• 10% of reported church members cannot even be found
• 20% never pray
• 25% never read the Bible
• 30% never attend Church services
• 40% never give to any cause
• 50% never go to Sunday School
• 70% never give to missions
• 75% are never engaged in any Church activity
• 80% never go to a prayer meeting
• 90% never have family worship
• 95% never ever win a soul to Christ

Okay it’s not just a little bit off but DANGEROUSLY off. If this is the average Christian than we seriously have a lot of work to do.

It is the Devils’ greatest wish that we be the kind of Christian pictured in this list above.

It is Gods’ greatest wish that we turn all those NEVER (s) into ALWAYS.

Even if we turn those NEVER (s) into OFTEN (s) we are doing better than most Christians.

The easiest way to start turning these NEVER (s) to ALWAYS (s) is to always begin the day with WORSHIP to CHRIST. And to always invite the HOLY SPIRIT to indwell in you to fill your life.

Every day.


Live for Christ.



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