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Damian McAnders uses Parkour to get around his world both in his present post Rapture world and of course in his life before times got tough. But what makes Damian a Traceur (Male practitioner of Parkour) and Jordan a Traceuse (Female etc.)?

And just what is the definition of Parkour?

Here is a link to my favourite Parkour site and it’s definition of Parkour.

Parkour Defined

Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one’s path by adapting one’s movements to the environment.

And more at the link above.

What does Parkour look like?

Now you know.

Ross Out


There are times of trial and difficulty and they are invariably painful for a multitude of reasons. Most of the time they do not affect you closely but they can and will affect those you come into contact with and love. Today I was affected as I helped with a memorial service for a good friend Randy Murphy.

At times like this there is one constant: That Jesus is the one that has the final decision in who does or does not go to Heaven.

There is an amazing truth, and that truth is that if you choose to accept Gods gift of Jesus death on the cross for your sins and believe. Then you have gained eternal life.

When you suffer hurt, pain, discomfort, loss or you only have to turn to Christ.

Christ will always be there for you even when no one else is.

The Bible Visualized

I’ ve been looking for this for a long while and am glad to have found it again. Left to right are the books from Genesis to Revelation- the long white line in the center is The end of the Old and start of the New Testaments.

And all those arcing lines joining them, yeah that’s The Bible cross-referencing itself!

New way to Look at the Bible

New way to Look at the Bible

That’s how interconnected The Bible is.

I wanted to give a few updates and clarifications about the Bible Runner storyline and exactly when the events of Bible Runner take place within the Prophetic Timeline.

First of all the events of Bible Runner take place after a third global war, and an information war/breakdown caused by the global war. That means that the trek across the United States will not be easy nor will it look like the United States as it stands now.

Being a post war story a lot of things will seem very unfamiliar to you as a reader. While there will be things to which you can easily relate, for instance the world is still ongoing. There are also major cities ruined, and the information superhighway is under siege and in some places broken. There are also constant dangers that we’ll have to deal with and avoid.

It’s not going to be an easy coast to coast trip by any means.

The other point I want to make perfectly clear is where in the prophetic timeline the events of the Bible Runner occur.


Watering down Bible Truths

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I’ve watched two “Documentaries” as the Amazing Facts (an outreach of The Seventh Day Adventist Church) call them about truths in the Bible. One is called Cosmic Conflict: Origin of Evil and can be viewed here Origin of Evil and the other is called The Final Events of Bible Prophecy.

Origin teaches of Sin, Redemption through Christ, and a number of other things over it’s 40 plus minutes. It also promotes views not promoted by The Holy Bible, thus adding to the Bible words or ideas that aren’t needed. The Bible is an extremely powerful tool, it doesn’t need to be paired up with the teachings of the Adventist prophet Ellen G. White. Especially when many of her prophetic writings have been borrow from the works of others.

I encourage you to look up all the information you can find on Mrs. White. It will open your eyes and give you a lot to think about.

There is a great effort in Origin to bring the story to life however as impressive as some think it is it might turn people away from God rather than to His loving arms. Why is that?


From Never to Always.

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Something about this seems a little bit off.

Here’s a list of the activity of the
average American Church member.
• 10% of reported church members cannot even be found
• 20% never pray
• 25% never read the Bible
• 30% never attend Church services
• 40% never give to any cause
• 50% never go to Sunday School
• 70% never give to missions
• 75% are never engaged in any Church activity
• 80% never go to a prayer meeting
• 90% never have family worship
• 95% never ever win a soul to Christ

Okay it’s not just a little bit off but DANGEROUSLY off. If this is the average Christian than we seriously have a lot of work to do.

It is the Devils’ greatest wish that we be the kind of Christian pictured in this list above.

It is Gods’ greatest wish that we turn all those NEVER (s) into ALWAYS.

Even if we turn those NEVER (s) into OFTEN (s) we are doing better than most Christians.

The easiest way to start turning these NEVER (s) to ALWAYS (s) is to always begin the day with WORSHIP to CHRIST. And to always invite the HOLY SPIRIT to indwell in you to fill your life.

Every day.


Live for Christ.