Sermons from Second-Life

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

When I had my own laptop and more time I used be be on Second Life. I was quite an interesting avatar, my SL name was Ross Dyrssen, and I was a Master Vampire and role player.

However that wasn’t the part of my Second Life that I liked most nor was it my most important calling in Second Life. Being a pastors kid my most important calling to Second Life was in fact as a pastor.

Being a pastor in Second Life is very interesting, after all you are pastoring to Avatars of people who look and generally are playing people unlike their real selves.

However there are real people behind these Avatars and I got to know a good number of those in my “flock” and about their real lives.

I do plan to pastor again in Second Life in the future but I wanted to share sermons from Second Life.

Here is one of them called WhatGreaterLoveStory.


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