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Posted: September 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

After running my first story on Heaven the Game I was contacted by the games creator, Paul McAuley and he asked me if I wouldn’t mind doing a series of articles on the game and aspects thereof.

Once I found a way to contact him better than replying to a message he left on this very blog we traded communiques as happens so often. Things happened very quickly but I’ve been a touch busy recently so I haven’t been able to do anything until today.

Today I’m going to focus on a bit of game creation and one character in particular: Axis.

Below is a concept drawing of Axis.

Concept Drawing of Axis.

Concept Drawing of Axis.

Most projects especially films and computer or video games start with drawn concept art of characters that are part of the gaming or viewing experience. Most films use a form of art called storyboarding to draw out most if not all major sequences of a film.

In the case of Heaven: The Game loads of artwork was done to cover all aspects of game development. To bring to life levels and locations, characters and designs before any of the worlds were created using the game engine.

To find out what happens next click more to continue.

Axis Full Concept

Axis Full Concept

Above is a full concept, a computer model rendering complete with all the shading and coloration to bring the character of Axis to life. Here you see Axis is looking remarkable and not only that she’s looking remarkably human. This is if not the final character render so close as to be indistinguishable to the design used in the in game cutscenes or films.

In the story behind Heaven: The Game Axis is the player characters Grandmother who died and went to Heaven. So she received her glorified body and in turns leads you through the various worlds, or if you will levels or destinations within Heaven: The Game.

However back to design I have one more piece of Axis art to share it’s what I call the final look of Axis within the game. And in my next post whenever that might be I will be posting two other game shots featuring Axis from gameplay.

So here’s Axis’s final look from a montage shot I sized down appreciably.

Axis Final look.

Axis Final look.

So there you go. What goes into game creation is a whole heck of a lot. And way more than I could ever convey by 3 pictures and some hopefully well chosen words.

So if you want to know more go to and enjoy a glimpse at Heaven.

But don’t forget it’s a real choice with real consequences. Choose the Lord and accept his gift and when it comes to eternity I’ll see you in Heaven!

In Christ.


  1. comic_lover says:

    Heaven is such a cool game!

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