What I think of Heaven: The Game

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

First of all this is not a review of the game or it’s gameplay it is simply an announcement of the availability of the game and what I think of the idea of a game about Heaven.

I found a video on youtube about the game today as I was looking for version of the various trailers so I could link to one in this post. This person commented, in a rather sarcastic and juvenile manner at times over the game trailers, and pages of the games website that can be found through this link: Main Heaven the Game Promotional Site.

Here is the first promotional trailer for Heaven the Game

Heaven is an adventure game for PC-DVD-ROM. Yes that’s right an adventure game set in Heaven itself. You play an astronaut who whilst flying an experimental space shuttle on the way to Jupiter, goes through the asteroid belt (Cue Phil Blatts Bad Astronomy Blog) and suffers a catastrophic failure. When you wake up you’re in Paradise, Heaven, saved by Michael. And you meet up with your Grandmother who now has a Heavenly body. And you go on an adventure. In Heaven.

It’s an interesting concept to be certain. And there’s some big names behind it, especially in the concept art department.

How do I feel about it?

I’m really hoping to like it once I play it, but as I’ve said this isn’t that kind of review. One of the things that I like is in the about section they mention keeping to the Biblical descriptions of Heaven.

And I have to say that it certainly does LOOK like the Heaven I’ve been envisioning. There’s a lot of unbelievable architecture there are massive streets of gold, Heavenly creatures, Pearly gates. Sheer over indulgent and beautiful majesty. This looks like the home of the GOD of the entire UNIVERSE, envisioned by man.

To be honest I really like the idea of what they’ve done with the game. Talk about a evangelistic tool! Whether or not I or you will agree with the entirety of the storyline revealed with a playthrough we would also be lying if we did look at this and go…”Well I think I’d like to go to HELL instead!”

This game is an awesome way to reach out. It shows just how much you could miss IF you continue to deny the Word of God. And on top of that just how awesome Heaven is. And lest we forget…this is Heaven as designed by humans, and not by GOD.

I can see no real danger with this, and if once I’ve played it than I find something questionable I’ll revisit it. But for now, I’ll have to order the game through this site: Order Heaven: The Game here.

And then play it for myself.

However a reminder where you spend ETERNITY is not a game it is very serious. If you seek God, accept his gift of HIS life for yours, you will gain ETERNAL LIFE. You will end up in HEAVEN…the Heaven that makes this one look pathetic in comparison. Heaven designed by GOD. And when all is said and done you will live with GOD and all the other Saved Saints of GOD for ETERNITY.

If you choose not to Believe the Word of God…the Bible. And don’t give over your life to Him. You will NOT go to HEAVEN…you will go TO HELL. And this HELL doesn’t last just a MOMENT, it LASTS for ETERNITY.

If the God is Just…and gives the Saved Eternal Life…than God will give those who are lost…Eternal Death.

The simple answer: Find GOD…Find ETERNAL LIFE. Loose GOD, find ETERNAL DEATH. An eternity WITHOUT HIM.

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