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Sermons from Second-Life

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

When I had my own laptop and more time I used be be on Second Life. I was quite an interesting avatar, my SL name was Ross Dyrssen, and I was a Master Vampire and role player.

However that wasn’t the part of my Second Life that I liked most nor was it my most important calling in Second Life. Being a pastors kid my most important calling to Second Life was in fact as a pastor.

Being a pastor in Second Life is very interesting, after all you are pastoring to Avatars of people who look and generally are playing people unlike their real selves.

However there are real people behind these Avatars and I got to know a good number of those in my “flock” and about their real lives.

I do plan to pastor again in Second Life in the future but I wanted to share sermons from Second Life.

Here is one of them called WhatGreaterLoveStory.


Access: Heaven the Game: Axis

Posted: September 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

After running my first story on Heaven the Game I was contacted by the games creator, Paul McAuley and he asked me if I wouldn’t mind doing a series of articles on the game and aspects thereof.

Once I found a way to contact him better than replying to a message he left on this very blog we traded communiques as happens so often. Things happened very quickly but I’ve been a touch busy recently so I haven’t been able to do anything until today.

Today I’m going to focus on a bit of game creation and one character in particular: Axis.

Below is a concept drawing of Axis.

Concept Drawing of Axis.

Concept Drawing of Axis.

Most projects especially films and computer or video games start with drawn concept art of characters that are part of the gaming or viewing experience. Most films use a form of art called storyboarding to draw out most if not all major sequences of a film.

In the case of Heaven: The Game loads of artwork was done to cover all aspects of game development. To bring to life levels and locations, characters and designs before any of the worlds were created using the game engine.

To find out what happens next click more to continue.


Been a little quite around here recently sorry about that.

Part of that is due to my dreaded enemy writers block. There is another reason for my silence though I recently purchased two very different representations of The Word of God.

Currently I’m reading through the Word on the street by Rob Lacey. It is a fantastic paraphrase of the Bible (I’m currently jammin through Psalms) and there’s really nothing else like it anywhere. I think it’s Brill! But a full review will come later.

the word on the street

The second purchase was the Archaeological Study Bible (NIV)- this is also totally fantastic. And a full review of what can be found in this exceptional Bible is to come.

Amazon Page for the Archaeological Study Bible

Work on the Bible Runner continues.

Along with other Christian short fiction coming soon.

God Bless.


What I think of Heaven: The Game

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

First of all this is not a review of the game or it’s gameplay it is simply an announcement of the availability of the game and what I think of the idea of a game about Heaven.

I found a video on youtube about the game today as I was looking for version of the various trailers so I could link to one in this post. This person commented, in a rather sarcastic and juvenile manner at times over the game trailers, and pages of the games website that can be found through this link: Main Heaven the Game Promotional Site.

Here is the first promotional trailer for Heaven the Game

Heaven is an adventure game for PC-DVD-ROM. Yes that’s right an adventure game set in Heaven itself. You play an astronaut who whilst flying an experimental space shuttle on the way to Jupiter, goes through the asteroid belt (Cue Phil Blatts Bad Astronomy Blog) and suffers a catastrophic failure. When you wake up you’re in Paradise, Heaven, saved by Michael. And you meet up with your Grandmother who now has a Heavenly body. And you go on an adventure. In Heaven.

It’s an interesting concept to be certain. And there’s some big names behind it, especially in the concept art department.

How do I feel about it? (more…)