The Reason for The Bible Runner

Posted: August 22, 2009 in Bible Runner

Today I just wanted to share a few tidbits about The Bible Runner and let you in on what makes me tick in a creative sense.

The story that I’m working on first planted its seed in my mind around 6 years ago. It began with a simple idea which in screenwriting is called a logline, and the logline for The Bible Runner was this: What if the Bible was outlawed, who would deliver The Word to us?

I pictured a world of loss and oppression, a place where The Word was the only thing that could sustain persecuted Christians. Ironically enough it’s a world that seems very familiar, in this day and age Christianity is marginalized because it’s not exciting.

It doesn’t draw the attention of the majority of the population because the majority of the population see life as finite. You’re born, you live and you die. Return to dust…the end. Let’s live it up while we have life.

If you go to a Borders, WHSmith, Barnes and Noble or other major bookseller the majority of people who visit the Religious section of the store are for the most part already religious.

Why search for God if the god you worship is the latest American Idol or a movie or sports figure?

Religion is marginalized. But there’s more to it than that.

What I mean is that this Earth is but a temporary home, and not because we die. It’s a temporary place because it was designed to be.

I’m happy to say that God is my Father. He is the one who created each and every person on this earth from the very beginning. We are all royalty, He wants us to return and claim our rightful place.

This message though is lost in the lights, sounds, and sexiness of our fallen nature that has turned us away from God…and into this world where we curse the name of our heavenly Father in vain.

The main Reason for The Bible Runner is to get the news of Redemption out there.

The driving force behind it is greatest story ever told, The Holy Bible. There is a reason that it’s the best selling book of all time, it’s because there is an underlying message of hope, peace and reconciliation that runs through it like the very Passion of The Christ.

If you take the time to actually read the Holy Bible, (the New Living Translation is a very readable translation), you will discover that life on this Earth need not be the end but simply a glorious beginning.

Sometimes though the truths found in the Word of God must be placed where people will find them. There are times when people will only make contact with Christ through a novel. The power of a novel is that it can take the power and assurance of God’s blessing. Passages of The Word. Presenting them in a way that doesn’t intimidate and frighten.

That’s the Reason for the Bible Runner.


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