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My Testimony

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A New page has been added under the Table of Contents chec out my Testimony here Testimony


New Discussion Boards Open!

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Just a little note to let you know that to the right you can find a new link under Messageboards.

Resist: No Fate But What We Make is a place to discuss All of my blogs, and there is a section specificially for The Bible Runner.

So check it out and sign up…but post responsibly because I and others not to mention God will be watching.

Discussion Boards

God Bless.

Ross Out.

I guess I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was, that’s the only explanation I can come up with at the moment. All those books, all those assumptions about all the disruptions that the events of that day would cause were pretty darned accurate.

You can call it whatever you want, right now they’re calling it “The Great Dissappearance”. Somehow it’s going to be covered up and we’re going to buy it. By we I mean humanity as a whole those who haven’t double checked their Bibles. Truth be told if most people around the world can be fooled by huge non-sensical cover-ups in movies, especially those that involve global events. Why not in reality?


23 Minutes in Hell

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While my experience in a little sliver of Hell in my bedroom  was  indeed frightening not to metion more detailed than I would ever want to fully share with you let there be no mistake Hell is a very real place.

Hell is also not a place where you want to go for ANY period of time.

However truth be told Hell will be your final destination unless you choose to make big changes in your life.

That’s why I want to share with you today about 23 Minutes in Hell and the story of Bill Wiese. In fact I’m going to let him do all the talking as he experienced a far far more complete revealing of Hell.

So please do yourself a favor and watch the Youtube video below. And continue to watch all 7 parts of his testimony. It really is a matter of life and death.

May God bless you richly.


The Bible Runner: Prologue

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When I first chose to put the Bible Runner on paper so to speak I had to chose just how I would start  the story. How would I introduce the world. In the end I chose to relive a harrowing example of God’s protection early in my life.

At the age of ten I had an experience I will not forget and I have placed it in writing here and now for the first time as an anchor for the entire story. It was through this true event that I witnessed first hand the power of God’s Word and God’s Grace.

Begin or continue a journey of discovery with me, and my Lord who speaks  through me.


Welcome to The Bible Runner.

The Bible Runner is first and foremost a cautionary tale. It’s a look at things that might be just around the corner.

The world of Christian Fiction has grown exponentially over the years. The Left Behind series of Novels along with it’s children’s books companions revitalized the way in which books were used as an outreach tool by Religion as a whole.

Over the years I’ve been building a world in my head. A cast of characters and events, an unfolding narrative that I felt really needed to be shared. So over the next few years as God allows I’ll be bringing this world to you. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

There are two things I can promise:

I will not be updating this blog daily perhaps every third or fourth after the first week.

I will make sure every update is of the highest quality, and as I put up the story for download as things go along I hope if nothing else it will get you thinking.

Best Regards,